Pigeon breeds: Egyptian Swift

Pigeon breeds: Egyptian Swift

Origin and economic characteristics

The area of ​​origin is unknown. Ludlow (cited in the work of Fulton, 1876) attributes it to Asian origins and more precisely from India. He is certain that it had been imported into England from Cairo and Alexandria; hence the name "Egyptian Swift" (Egyptian Swift). The name of Swift derives from the similarity of its shape to that of a Swift.

Morphological characteristics

Colombo with a very elongated shape and extremely low position. Short legs and implants, smooth and rounded head, robust neck equipped with a small dewlap, eye with orange-red iris. The wingspan is between 80 and 90 cm.
Cloaks: all cloaks are allowed. The most common bred in Europe are: black with golden neck (Ryani), blue-yellow with golden neck (Gazaganti), slate gray with silver neck (Outadi), multicolor, with pica design.

Colombo Egyptian Yellow Swift (photo Fabio Zambon)

Colombo Egyptian Swift Ryani (photo Fabio Zambon)

Colombo Egyptian Swift (photo Fabio Zambon)

Colombo Egyptian Swift (website photo)
Propr. Giacomo Puccini Member of the Colombophile Association Tuscany Ring colombo B59

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